I come to praise caesar not to bury him

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I have been accused of being a grumpy blogger from some of my recent followers and to a certain extent this is probably true. However I like to think of myself as being in tune with the ying and yang of the online vibe and with this in mind I have decided to praise some retailers for actually providing some bloody good service.

Spex in the City
Let’s start with my most recent experience. I decided after some humming and hawing to invest in a new pair of glasses. I already had the prescription and was reminded of the need for a spare pair when one of my colleagues turned up late the other day after presumably sitting on his only set and then having to suffer the frustration of trying to get new glasses from his local optician.
I was more driven by price than brand and chose to shop at a local business in Dunfermline called Spex in the City (I know, cute name huh?). As I said, price was an issue and as they advertise designer frames at discount prices I was emboldened to take the trip to the bottom of the High Street for a look.
The service was unbelievably good. Within twenty minutes I had gone from hesitant buyer to virtual believer, walking out of the shop having ordered TWO pairs of glasses to be ready in two days.
Imagine my delight the next morning when phoning to ask a quick question I was told that the glasses were ready and could be picked up in the next couple of hours. Job done and one happy customer ready to spread the good word to everyone I have met since.
Oh and they weren’t averse to doing a wee deal to get me on the two pair’s route…

The Watch Medic
Ok I am a bit of a watch nut and have already bought my first new watch of 2015 to add to the collection, bit of a bargain on Amazon.co.uk in their weekly deals programme. (Won’t be the last I will wager). But it’s not about the watch this time; it’s actually about the strap.
First off I don’t have the patience to adjust straps or remove links. I just don’t ok? So point me in the right direction and I will get a professional to do it every time – which is why The Watch Medic gets a nod here. They have done three watches for me in the last six months and on each occasion they have been just great to deal with. They are patient, funny, and always ready to engage in a bit of banter. They get the job done in no more than fifteen minutes and don’t charge the earth.
No nonsense, no front. No problem.

The Vic
If you’ve been to this pub in St Andrews recently then I don’t need to convert you. If you haven’t then what are you waiting for?
If you are a student, a twenty something or even a middle ager with children in tow the Vic has something for all of you. Good food, quirky design features, a child friendly policy during the day, (etcha-sketch menus for kids, toys and games plus non condescending bar staff and table waiters), this place has got my attention for night time drinks with my wife, as a day retreat for a child exhausted parent and as having massive potential for my next night out with friends.
Prices are far from scary and unless you don’t drink I think you will find it hard pushed not to want to try one or two of those rather exciting cocktails they serve, just check out the clip board menus for the full skinny. As you leave, if you are still not satiated then indulge in their free fruit basket, just to keep things healthy. Bars the way they are meant to be, friendly and fun in equal measure (if you pardon the pun).

So there you go! 

Three very different places that all have one thing in common, they all put a smile on my face in the last few days, which makes them priceless.

Feel free to tell me about your recent experiences – good and bad!

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