About me

Kitsch Confidential is a means of expressing the very random thoughts that I often find swirling around my head. It’s also a pressure valve which lies somewhere between my working life and my personal one.

Forth Road Bridge

Forth Road Bridge (Photo credit: ajnabeee)

I work in publishing and assist in the production of two well-loved Scottish magazines. But that’s just the day job. Beyond that I am a dad and long-suffering partner to an up and coming food blogger and occasional marketer.

We live in Fife and are fortunate to be within a short drive of some of the most beautiful countryside in the UK, which contrasts well with a daily drive into the big city via the world famous Forth Road Bridge.

My daily commute is when I find myself dwelling on the affairs of the day, fed by the excellent news and current affairs programmes I listen to on BBC Radio 4. Which have the dual purpose of keeping me sane and well-informed in equal measure.

I love writing and Kitsch Confidential gives me a means of tapping into my creative spirit.

I hope you enjoy it and bide awhile.


2 thoughts on “About me

  1. Teeny Bikini says:

    Awesome. Lovely pic and intro to your blog! Write on.

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